Looking For An Experienced Social Media Consultant in Newcastle?

Social media channels target consumers based on interests and demographics; it has the power to tap into consumers moods and influence our buying decisions. Consumers engage more with advertising about things they are interested in.

Social Media Consultant Newcastle
Facebook Ads Consultant Newcastle

What You Can Expect

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is aligning its social strategy with business goals. A lot of small business owners fall into the trap of marketing on social media because they see others doing it. The most important consideration with social media is to identify which channel will enable you to reach your target audience and ultimately achieve your business goals.

Once this is established we will determine whether your best course of action is to implement an organic or paid ads, or mixed strategy to achieve your business goals.

Social Media Channels

My organic and paid social media marketing services are based on the following channels:

“Facebook is a very successful marketing channel for us. Gabrielle understands the formula behind producing effective ad creative and targets our audience to ensure we get maximum return on investment. We now not only have the largest audience size of any independent laser clinic or beauty salon in Newcastle, it is also a very relevant and engaged audience.”


“Gabrielle was very professional and easy to talk to. She did what she said and there never was any confusion. Thank you Gabrielle”