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One of the biggest reasons why digital marketing is so valuable is that is measureable. Digital marketing is based upon data. If you are spending money on advertising to drive visitors to your website then you should have a solid understanding of what drove them there and their behaviour on site that may or may not have led to an enquiry.

Google Analytics is a free analytics suite and one of the most comprehensive data reporting tools available. It provides simple yet in depth reports to help you understand how many visitors you’re getting to your site, how long they are spending on there, and if set up correctly which advertising channels are driving enquiries. Its not straightforward to set it up but once set up properly, it will be a valuable tool for marketing your business.

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Google Data Studio Reporting

Customised Reporting With Google Data Studio

Let’s face it, digital analytics might excite a digital marketer but its certainly not for everyone. The vast amount of data available can be overwhelming. Google Data Studio is another free tool – thank you Google – that can connect to multiple data sources to provide valuable reporting across your digital marketing efforts.

Report templates are fully customisable so you can have a template designed around the data you want to see and filter out the data you don’t need.

Whilst it is a valuable reporting tool once established, set up is complex and again, if not set up properly it may be feeding you the wrong information.

Google Analytics Services

Analytics and reporting needs to be meaningful. It should provide insights into online activity. However, it can be complex to establish and if not set up correctly can deliver inaccurate data.

Google Analytics Audit

Errors or gaps in data collection can lead to serious and costly mistakes. A thorough audit will review your data channels are set up to properly track the information you are looking for. This will include Google Analytics and the reporting for any channels you may be advertising through.

Google Analytics Set Up

Set up Google Analytics account which will be implemented on your site through Google Tag Manager. The Analytics account will have the correct configurations and conversion tracking. A filtered view will filter out data from visitors you don’t want to track i.e. bots and spam.

Google Data Studio Set Up

Set up a Google Data Studio report that is customisable and connected to various data sources such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console and Facebook. The reports can be scheduled to be delivered to your inbox every month.


What My Clients Say

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Reports That Make Sense To A Business Owner

“In what can be a completely overwhelming area, Gabrielle delivers analytics reports on our digital performance that make sense to a business owner and is always happy to clarify or explain the results. We know exactly where our return on investment is both in media spend and consultancy fees. She cuts through the data we don’t need and reports on what we do need to hear.”

Kylie, Vamp Cosmetic Clinic

“Gabrielle has helped immensely with Stehr Hospitality’s digital marketing strategy. She knows her stuff and makes SEO, SEM and all the other digital mumbo jumbo easy to understand. She’s efficient, transparent and easy to work with. Highly recommend!”

Ben, Stehr Hospitality

“I could not recommend Gabrielle enough, she is professional and so easy to work with! She is always so clear in what she is doing for you and genuinely wants the best for your business. She is prompt, friendly and amazing value for money. Thank you Gab!!”

Emma, Decadence Cupcake Bakery


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