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Digital Hunter Marketing Consultant Newcastle Sydney

Content Marketing: Why I’m starting now

December 26, 2018

Content Marketing Blog Writing

I’ve never been one to just do things for the sake of doing them. Particularly when it comes to marketing my own business. I, like most small business owners, just don’t have the time to waste. I also see a lot of small business owners fall into the trap of adopting a new digital marketing platform to avoid being left behind but in their haste don’t stop to think about whether what they are doing is sustainable, or whether they have the right strategy in place to achieve their business objectives.

Is content really king?

We’ve been told for years that content is king and that you need a blog on your website to reach the top echelons of the search engines. This may be true but its only half the picture.

Do you, as a small to medium sized business owner, have the time to keep writing relevant articles that provide useful insights to your target audience? Do you have the time to upkeep numerous social media channels that you can share this content on? I didn’t. And to be honest it wasn’t my priority. As a freelance PPC and SEO Consultant, my focus is on achieving results for my clients. I also knew that if the blog didn’t form part of an overall content strategy that was integrated with social media and SEO, I would be achieving very little for the time I had outlaid.

So why start now?

Maybe it’s the new year approaching or maybe I just feel more comfortable with where I am at in my business. I know that with the right approach, it will help me keep at the top of the search engine rankings, but above all else, I want to share my insights, knowledge and thought-bubbles. As the digital landscape is ever-evolving, I’m committed to being a lifelong learner, so I also want to take whoever-wants-to-listen on that learning journey with me.

So my advice to those small business owners asking me about the benefits of blogging is this…

  • Don’t create a blog because you’ve heard ‘content is king’ and that it will help you improve your search rankings.

  • Make sure you have the time to invest and an integrated strategy in place to guide you to your goals.

  • Most importantly though, write a blog to share insights and knowledge with your clients.

Not only are you working to build trust and relationships but you will also encourage more leads by making a stronger connection with your customer and giving them the information they need to make an educated purchasing decision.

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